Barcelona Turisme
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Organisational structure

This section contains information about jobs, the volume of fixed-term contracts, calls for tenders and the results of external recruitment, a list of businesses awarded tenders for the provision of services, and members of the Business Committee.

List of job titles:

Find below detailed information regarding the Consortium's human resources:

Types of contract and list of workplaces.

Internal regulations for staff promotions and new possible openings. See pdf (only in Catalan)

Other documents about the administrative structure:

Volume of temporary contracts (undertaken with temporary employment agencies or through employment plans):

List of companies contracted to provide tourist information services:

Number of people on the Enterprise Committee:

Calls for tenders and results of external recruitment processes:

Ongoing calls: 

Call for applications closed:

  • Procés selectiu 2/2024 d’informador/es per a cobrir les necessitats del Servei d’Atenció al Turista. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Procés selectiu 1/2024 Direcció d’Àrea de Màrqueting. Resolució: 26/02/2024. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Borsa de treball 1/2023 d'informador/es per a cobrir les necessitats del Servei d'Atenció al Turista. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Procés selectiu Gerent. Resolució: 22/06/2022. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Procés selectiu 2/2022 Tècnic/a Superior de Marketing Digital. Resolució: 13/06/2022. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Procés selectiu 1/2020 Director/a Àrea de Marketing. Resolució: 3/03/2021. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Procés selectiu 6/2019 Tècnic/a superior d'administració general, responsable de contractació. Resolució: 4/11/2019. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Procés selectiu 2/2019 Tècnic de l'Observatori del Turisme a Barcelona: ciutat i regió. Projecte Enquesta Perfil Turista. Resolució: 29/04/2019. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Procés selectiu 3/2018 Tècnic superior de Suport a les relacions internacionals. Resolució: 4/12/2018. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Procés selectiu 2/2018 Cap de Relacions (Manager). Resolució: 3/12/2018. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Procés selectiu 1/2018 Responsable de Contractació. Resolució: 21/06/2018. See pdf (only in Catalan)

Collective agreement

The personnel of Turisme de Barcelona is governed by the Collective Agreement for Office Workers of Catalonia. See pdf (only in Catalan)

Headquarters and offices:

In accordance with article 2 of the Statutes, the Turisme de Barcelona Consortium, has its head office at numbers 7-9 Passatge de la Concepció, Barcelona. In accordance with article 4, point 8, the Turisme de Barcelona Consortium pursues its objectives, among others, of running tourist attractions and amenities for Barcelona. In order to carry out its functions, in addition to its central headquarters, logistics centre and call centre, Turisme de Barcelona also has a network of offices and information points:


Passatge de la Concepció, 7-9. 08008 Barcelona

Telephone: [+34] 933 689 700

Logistics centre and call centre 

Carrer Alegre de Dalt, 26. 08024 Barcelona 

Telephone: [+34] 932 853 832

Offices and information points