Barcelona Turisme
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About us

The Turisme de Barcelona Consortium was set up in 1993 by Barcelona City Council, the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Barcelona and the Barcelona Promotion Foundation, with the aim of promoting tourism in Barcelona.


The mission of the Turisme de Barcelona Consortium is to promote and raise the profile of Barcelona as an international tourist destination by making its visitors aware of its culture and distinctiveness through an offer with an added value based on segmentation criteria involving the public and interests.  

As part of its mission, Turisme de Barcelona acts as a facilitating agent that boosts the visitor economy by raising the profile of an aspirational and transformative destination. A destination that offers values that enable us to live and coexist in dynamic, sustainable and responsible surroundings and is committed to sustainable development goals criteria by strengthening its brand and the tangible and intangible returns generated by visitors. 

  • It does so with the aim of bringing the benefits of the visitor economy to the community as a whole and the city’s economy and its sphere of influence.
  • It works to build the international reputation of the destination in accordance with the Barcelona brand.
  • It encourages visitors from around the world to make the most of the destination.  
  • It attracts benchmark events to generate economic activity, boost productive sectors and create well-being.  

As a facilitating agent, it helps businesses grow in line with new trends.


The vision of Turisme de Barcelona is to act as a national and international benchmark organisation in promotion and marketing at the service of the economy and tourism sector based on values of sustainability and public and private agreement. 


Our corporate values are:

  • Commitment: In order to create a fairer, more socially responsible society we are firmly committed to social, environmental and economic sustainability and promoting CSR practices. This is reflected in our involvement and work with entities across the board and the social and economic fabric.
  • Quality: We apply and work according to quality criteria in the running of every aspect of our organisation while guaranteeing the sustainability of the destination.
  • Innovation: We promote innovation and progress in tourism-related matters. 
  • Holistic vision: We fulfil our aims from a global perspective in accordance with a specific vision of the culture and region to their fullest extent.  
  • Enterprise: We provide a platform for attracting and launching business initiatives by accompanying and advising them on tourism-related matters and marketing strategies.  
  • Knowledge: Our experience and knowledge enables us to embark on successful new business projects and maintain high levels of loyalty.
  • Excellence and expertise in managing our business and providing services to visitors and attracting meetings and leisure tourism.