Barcelona Turisme
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Economic information

Here you’ll find information about the financial, accounts and budgetary management of the Turisme de Barcelona Consortium, as well as an inventory of its assets.

Current financial year

The budget for the current financial year for the Consortium of Turisme de Barcelona is as follows:

  • Ordinary budget for income and expenditure 2022. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Bases for the implementation of the budget. See pdf (only in Catalan)

Remuneration of senior management

Governing bodies:

  • The members of the governing bodies of the Consortium (the General Council and the Executive Committee, see section "Governing Bodies" under "Institutional Information") do not receive any kind of remuneration or allowance for attending the meetings.

Executive positions:

  • The Director General is the highest body in the day-to-day executive management of the Consortium, and is appointed and dismissed by the General Council, at the behest of the Executive Committee.
  • The gross annual income of the Managing Director is currently at 130,000 euros.

Actvities of senior management:

The General Director works under a Turisme de Barcelona full-time contract.

Yearly mandatory accounts and audit reports on accounts and definitive reports on the fiscalisation of external governing bodies:

Access to the audit reports for the Consortium of Turisme de Barcelona in recent years (only in Catalan):

Remunerations and salary-related costs and allowances based on job status:

  • Remunerations and salary-related costs - 2021. See pdf (only in Catalan)
  • Remunerations and salary-related costs - 2020. See pdf (only in Catalan)

Inventory of Turisme de Barcelona's heritage:

  • The inventory of Turisme de Barcelona's heritage 2021. See pdf (only in catalán)
  • The inventory of Turisme de Barcelona's heritage. See pdf (only in Catalan).