Barcelona Turisme
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Luxury lovers

Select cultural activities, gourmet restaurants, unique leisure experiences… in Barcelona you’ll find ways of making the dreams of the most discerning visitors come true. 

In Barcelona, visitors can enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate and all the advantages of a capital city: a whole host of cultural activities (museums, opera, art galleries…), delicious gourmet restaurants (31 Michelin stars throughout the city), premium shopping and countless unique experiences

We offer a hand-picked selection of bespoke tours, accommodation at unique hotels, exquisite food tastings, high-end shops and boutiques that combine innovation and local products, and exclusive transport, all tailored to the most discerning visitor. 

We work closely with Barcelona’s luxury travel sector to guarantee an outstanding personalised experience for visitors with high purchasing power.

At Turisme de Barcelona our team of professionals, with its extensive knowledge of the sector, is on hand to provide you with specialist advice and tell you about some of the most surprising and unusual experiences to ensure your clients enjoy an authentic holiday, tailored to their needs and full of local flavour.