Barcelona Turisme
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visitBarcelona Tickets

Turisme de Barcelona's official shop. Choose from more than 200 activities and buy your tickets with discounts and beat the queues!

The aim of the program of VisitBarcelona Tickets members is to establish stable links between Turisme de Barcelona and all the businesses, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs it works with Turisme de Barcelona which has created for the different segments in its offering. To this effect, it has passed a series of guidelines that specify the economic provisions as well as the conditions, rights and obligations in order to be eligible to be a member. You can check the regulation here.

Affiliate program

Turisme de Barcelona offers you the chance to join the affiliate programme for its on-line platform VisitBarcelona Tickets. With an additional offer consisting of more than 270 experiences in Barcelona and its environs, you will be able to expand your revenue streams considerably for every booking made. You can check it here!