Barcelona Turisme
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Barcelona Sustainable Tourism

Barcelona has become the first city in the world to be awarded Biosphere certification. The label recognises the city as a sustainable destination committed to managing tourism responsibly.

We set up the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism programme in 2012 to express our commitment to promoting responsible tourism in the city. All companies working in the sphere of environmental, cultural, social and economic sustainability, as well as accessibility of services and amenities, are eligible to join.


  • To promote Barcelona as a benchmark city in the field of sustainable tourism and to attract ethical and environmentally responsible tourism.
  • To find measuring systems and indicators to enable businesses in the sector to evaluate their activity in relation to sustainable and accessible tourism.
  • To encourage Turisme de Barcelona’s member companies to apply for Biosphere certification and to coordinate their application. The Biosphere Responsible Tourism label simplifies this process and is open to businesses in the tourism sector.
  • To create tourism products that chime with the programme’s philosophy.
  • To foster good practices among companies with the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism prize that is awarded every year as part of the Business with Social Value event held in December.
  • To organise training sessions open to all Turisme de Barcelona members in order to share and inspire more ethical and responsible policies in the fields of sustainability and accessibility. 


Our members are Barcelona companies that have set the benchmark in the fields of sustainability, accessibility and corporate social responsibility, or are working to foster these strategies.

Our members are divided into the following specialities:

  • Accommodation 
  • Travel agents and leisure and activity companies 
  • Meeting venues 
  • Cultural amenities
  • Transport
  • Restaurants
  • Sustainability services 
  • Organisations (foundations, guilds, associations, etc.)