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Sustainable resources

We are committed to a tourism that is more eco-friendly and respectful of society. Below you will find a directory of potential providers grouped into four sustainable strands: social, environmental, cultural and accessibility. 

Social sustainability 

The goal of this strand is to ensure the dignity of the individual. You will find different ways of fostering social sustainability, inclusive organisations working with vulnerable groups and providing all kinds of services for businesses, as well as businesses that will help you guarantee a healthy lifestyle and foster a good working environment.

Environmental sustainability 

The goal of this strand is to preserve the environment, save natural resources and foster and implement policies that will help achieve a more habitable city. 

The following link features renewable-energy providers

Sustainability of cultural, natural and traditional heritage 

This strand is committed to making people aware of the wealth and diversity of Catalonia’s culture, heritage and traditions.

The following links feature information about: 


Guaranteeing access for all to leisure attractions and tourism is a fundamental right. Accessibility involves a broad segment of the population that includes people with temporary and permanent disabilities, families with small children, the elderly... And guaranteeing the quality of the experience is essential.

You can also find further information about adapted tourism facilities on the website:

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