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Biosphere engages a hundred of Turisme de Barcelona member businesses

Members can obtain the sustainability label by implementing a series of good practices that prove their economic, social and environmental sustainability.

04-09-2019 | Barcelona Sustainable Tourism

More than 100 businesses working in the tourism industry have already signed up to the Barcelona Biosphere Sustainable Tourism Commitment that entitles them to the Biosphere certification awarded to the city. To meet the standards of the commitment they have to undergo a training process that establishes the different criteria and procedures they have to follow in order to obtain the Biosphere label, based on the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). To date, 198 businesses have signed up, or expressed an interest in complying with the commitment, and we expect to reach the target of 200 before the end of the year. Of this initial group, 122 are Turisme de Barcelona members.

Obtaining Biosphere certification for businesses is one of the management tasks undertaken by Turisme de Barcelona in order to implement the Biosphere programme. The programme is an initiative of the 2000 Tourism Strategic Plan, which sets sustainable tourism as one of the core spheres of action directly associated with the competitiveness of the destination. Barcelona City Council, in conjunction with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, has promoted a strategy to extend sustainable tourism to the destination's establishments, services, products and amenities, encouraging members of the travel trade in the city to adopt good practices in the fields of economic, social and environmental sustainability. In the case of Barcelona, the label also recognises decent working conditions and gender equality as integral elements of responsible tourism. They play a crucial role in making visitors feel at home in the destination while guaranteeing its sustainability, reducing negative impacts and optimising the benefits tourism brings. Participating businesses receive training and personalised guidance free of charge as they are funded by the tourism tax.