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The press releases give you the latest news about Turisme de Barcelona and the tourism sector, ranging from new business projects to the results of the tourism sector. The section City News features general news items about the Catalan capital and its leading players.

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Press release
The consortium promoter heads a promotional act in North America to promote cultural and high-quality tourism | The consortium wants Barcelona to become a leader in the field of culture, entertainment, music and the arts.
The design is being modernised at the same time as the fleet is upgraded to make the buses more efficient and environmentally-friendly
The consortium Turisme de Barcelona takes part in the World Tourism Day activities, dedicated this year to accessible tourism. | El ‘Easy Walking Tours’ para personas con movilidad reducida se abre a otros tipos de necesidad especial.
Barcelona’s tourism consortium is supporting the city’s Fishermen’s Guild in its efforts to clean up, collect and manage debris found in the sea
Xavier Font, expert in tourism marketing and sustainability, told us today about the keys to optimising strategies in the sector | The talk brought to a close Turisme de Barcelona’s campaign “From Barcelona: let’s care for the Planet”
City news
The jewellery firm Bagués-Masriera marks its 175th anniversary with a collection dedicated to the Catalan capital
More than 200 iconic motorbikes, including the first one built in Spain in 1904
The new feature of the tournament, which has been held every year since 1953, is the refurbished centre court, which will have more seats.
According Euromonitor International, Barcelona is the fifth city that attracts the most foreign visitors in Europe. | The Catalan capital is the European city which has registered the greatest increase in the percentage of foreign tourists.
The company which currently belongs to the Planeta group offers a catalogue that includes great universal works and 23 Nobel Prize winners.
The Catalan institution will host a series of conferences to reflect on future challenges. | The institution's aim is to walk along Catalan society and culture by supporting the intellectual debate.
This leisure time center includes shops, restaurants and culture and is located in Plaza de España, the main traffic artery that connects Gran Vía and the airport.
The building was built between 1885 and 1890 and represents one of Antoni Gaudi's, foremost representative of the Catalan modernist movement, first commissions.
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