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The aims of the Barcelona Mar programme are:
  • To provide the Barcelona brand with new attributes associated with the sea in order to reach new segments of the market.
  • To give impetus to, work on and promote products and services associated with the sea.
  • To contribute to developing nautical, maritime and undersea activities, disseminate them and promote their use.
  • To disseminate and promote the use of the nautical facilities in the fields of amateur and professional sports.
  • To contribute to disseminate and promote the heritage, traditions, trades, gastronomy and culture associated with maritime and fishing activities.
  • To extend the sphere of action of tourism in Barcelona to the Barcelona coast, by taking advantage of Barcelona's prominence and excellent image as a tourist destination around the world.
  • To work with the competent institutions, organisations and associations to contribute to boosting the economy associated with the sea.
  • To contribute to the excellence and sustainability of all services and activities.
Advantages of becoming a member
These are some of the advantages of becoming a programme member:
  • You will feature in the printed promotional material for the Barcelona Mar programme and other informative publications produced by Turisme de Barcelona.
  • On-line promotion on Turisme de Barcelona's website and social networks.
  • Promotion at trade fairs, presentations and promotions in Spain and around the world.
  • Promotions with the travel trade and in the national and international press.
  • You will feature in Turisme de Barcelona's newsletters and its other delivery platforms.
  • Access to statistical documents.
  • Possibility of selling members' products and services through Turisme de Barcelona's bcnshop.
If you wish, you can contact the department for information about how to become a programme member.
Contact Barcelona Mar
[+34] 933 689 700
[+34] 933 689 701